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Rights and responsibility


Posten Norge AS is responsible for the content and updating of the database, and seeks to maintain the address- and postcode search at and updated and correct. However, Posten Norge AS has no liability for errors in the information in the database.

The address search presents all street-/road addresses in Norway, whether they are in use as mail addresses or not.

User may not claim compensation for defects or operational interruptions at Posten Norge AS. Posten Norge AS has no responsibility for damages or otherwise in connection with destruction of data, interruption, not supplied information, wrongly delivered or similar.

Posten and Bring are registered trade marks, and may not be used by anyone other than Posten Norge AS without written consent. This also applies for use of the logo.


Content, layout and collection of information on these websites is protected by Norwegian Copyright Law and other legislation. Use of the service does not give the user right to copy audio, category structure, text and/or images contained in the site beyond what is necessary to use the service in the usual way. Posten Norge AS does not accept any legal responsibility for relevant or complete search results with respect to what search results the user expects, or that sites linked to are in actual use.

Address information is provided by Posten Norge AS and the user is given the rights to use the information for personal use and may not resell the information in ay form. It is illegal to collect or make extracts of information from these sites (repeated and systematic copying of parts of the content). Data obtained from and can not be used in conflict with the Norwegian Data Protection Law or other relevant legislation.

Copying, disclosure to the public and other use beyond the provision of the Norwegian Copyright Law of 12. May 1961 no. 2 and other relevant legislation are prohibited and require written consent from Posten Norge AS. Violation of rights can lead to prosecution and liability for compensation.

All rights are reserved.

Digital copying and distribution

The content of this website belongs to Posten Norge AS.

Without direct agreement with Posten Norge AS, any copying, storage or disclosure is prohibited. Use of this material in conflict with agreement or law will be prosecuted.