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Postal Address Search Help

Search for peoples address

You might find most addresses for people living in Norway by searching in Data Factory Consumer Database. Below are instructions for how to use the database:

  • Enter the person’s name and the name of the street. Click “search” and the postal address for the person will come up
  • …or you might combine part of a person´s name with the name of the city or municipality name.

Data Factory database contains names and addresses of most people in Norway (with some exceptions due to age or privacy preferences).

Address Search

For an address search, you might use one of the following alternatives:

  • Fill in the name of a street to get a list of all the house numbers in the street and the postcodes belonging to the houses
  • Search for a postcode and get all the addresses belonging to the postcode (names of streets, house numbers and cities)
  • Search for a city or municipality and get a list of all addresses in said city/municipality.

You can use the search filter on the right column to further narrow the search.

Mousing over an address will show the pick-up point for that particular address. Clicking on the address will give you the location in a map.

If you do not know the exact postcode or city name, it might help you to write only the first part of the postcode or the city name and then use an asterisk (*) as a substitute for the missing numbers.

Postcode Search

For an Postcode search, use one of the following alternatives:

  • Enter a postcode to get the name of the city to which it corresponds
  • Fill in the name of a city and get the postcode.

There is a symbol that indicates whether the postcode is for P.O boxes or ordinary letterboxes.

The data is based on the official register of all properties in Norway, all P.O boxes and all postcodes in the Postal Address register.